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Hi, I’m Courtney. This site is to help you get to my YouTube videos and Facebook group quickly as well as information about me.

Courtney is a Sport Pilot, a Part 103 pilot, a FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and an aircraft builder. She is also fluent in ASL.
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Flying an ultralight is Courtney’s most favorite thing to do. From “low and slow” to soaring at 10,000 feet, you’ll find a sweet spot that will fit your flying dreams.
Here, Courtney is flying the most popular and most recognized ultralight in the skies – a Quicksilver MX. Over 15,000 produced, thousands still flying and new ones manufactured every year.

Courtney builds airplanes, too. Here, she’s adjusting the prop on a newly-built E-AB experimental just prior to an FAA airworthiness inspection.

Courtney loves all kinds of flying. Here, she’s taking a 1946 twin-tail Ercoupe cross country over the mountains of Southern Oregon.

Courtney is a FAA-certified ground instructor. Questions about flying? What kind of flying is for me? Where do I start? What kind of aircraft is ultralight-legal? How can I build my own airplane? How can I fly for the airlines? Courtney can answer all of these and more.

You, too, can take flight! Find out how, now!